According to the Montessori educational method, the first 6 years of life are the “golden period”. At this stage, parents notice the child’s remarkable development in brain function. The child’s ability to absorb during this period is considered “infinite” because it happens very powerful. Therefore, this period is seen as an appropriate time to teach children of languages. However, the issue of teaching English for preschoolers becomes a matter of controversy, should we do that or not?

English for preschoolers – Should or should not teach English to children from a young age?

Not only based on the Montessori method, but other scientific studies also show that early life, especially kindergarten, children from 3 to 6 years old are the “golden period” for children to learn. ask for something new. One of them is the new language.

If children are like blank sheets, the preschoolers’ ability to absorb is like a sponge. The sooner they expose to the new language, the better it will absorb. Because of that, many families focus on letting children learn English at an early age. Parents try to find English centers for children, qualified English teaching programs for kids. However, how to teach children a new language, typically English correctly?


Montessori Classroom

Variety of methods for children

At the age of 6 years of life, children tend to love to discover and explore new things. That is why it is very easy to distract children in boring lessons. Montessori teachers are trained to help children improve their concentration. In addition to the Montessori standard classrooms designed to enhance children’s concentration. Teachers always prioritize creating and implementing exciting activities for them. From there, support the children to absorb a new language faster.

Be patient and persistent when teaching English to preschoolers


Patient and persistent

Society is progressively interconnected so that more and more parents want to keep up with the trend of development with their children. Because of that, parents unintentionally push their children to learn a lot. Even though it is a “sponge” with infinite absorption, that amount of information should also be efficiently organized. Each person or child at this age has a different maturity process and different strengths. Therefore, respecting children, creating a “learn as play” learning environment is essential for children.

Patience is, of course, an essential virtue for Montessori teachers. We are the watchers and supporters of every step of the child’s development. Parents and adults should not force children to do things they do not voluntarily do.

Learn as Play Environment


Montessori classroom

Learn as Play Environment

Many educators agree that we should not put pressure on children too early. Many adults agree that at the preschool age, babies should only eat and play. However, even if it is just eating and playing, children should still practice concentration while working. That is the reason why the method of teaching English to preschoolers must be different from adults. The reason is, they can’t just sit still with paper and pen to learn something. Whether it be for me or you, it really doesn’t interest us at all.

Class activities should include physical activities that are fun and enjoyable for the child. For families with conditions, it is not a bad idea to invest in their children to be exposed to an international environment. One day living in an international environment is truly a wonderful experience.

Is the native-like accent that important?

The answer to this question will be no and yes. It is a yes because each of us has a different expressive way, tone, and ability to learn foreign languages. It is acceptable that I cannot speak the way native speakers do. In this case, fluency is really much more important. Do not put pressure on the baby to have a native-like accent.

It is also important that we should not underestimate pronunciation as well. Not because the accent is not important but we take it lightly. That will have a great impact on communication later.

Children should be exposed to the international environment from the very beginning of learning English. From there, preschoolers will be encouraged to use English to communicate with teachers and friends. This pressure comes naturally while enhancing the child’s ability to communicate fluently.

As a Montessori preschool with a strong focus on languages. We pride ourselves on offering our preschool kids high-quality classes.

At River House, children also learn Spanish and Chinese. Children will focus on their language skills. At the same time, they were exposed to the international standard environment of the Montessori method.

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