The River House welcomes children from 6 months to 6 years across our range of environments. Our use of the Montessori philosophy makes each environment an inviting, enjoyable and rich space for children to learn. 

At The River House, children are active participants in their learning. Through independent and collaborative play, children’s unique ideas and questions emerge, shaping the classroom investigations. Investigations lead to discoveries, which lead to more inquiry, and further exploration.

The Nido, Toddler, and Children’s House environments provide an extraordinary range of materials to foster social and academic growth and include: language arts, mathematics, sensorial, practical life, geography, science, cultural arts, art, and a book corner.

The prepared environments and work tools are beautiful and peaceful for children, helping them develop in their own natural rhythm – they are physically and mentally independent, self-confident and able to manage the requirements of daily life with grace, ease and effectiveness.

HOTLINE: (028) 3535 0336