English or the ability to communicate in many languages is rapidly being focused. Many parents want to start teaching children to learn English. Even though they have sent their children to international kindergartens or language centers, parents still want to tutor their children at home. So how to start the process properly? The method of teaching English to toddlers in the “golden stage” is really very important.

The most important thing is that parents should be patient and enthusiastic. You should give children lots of encouragement and praise to encourage them. From there, the children will be more interested in English. Do not worry if the children cannot learn English quickly from the beginning. Give them more time, and then they will begin to speak in their own process.

teaching English to toddler

Teaching English to toddlers in the golden stage is really important.

1. Make toddlers’ English lessons interesting:

Fun, fun, and fun. An essential element for toddlers even in the playground or the classroom. I cannot forget that one day my son came home from school and said, “I don’t study at all, it’s fun in class.” I’m sure he learned something because he hummed English lyrics even though he couldn’t say it clearly. But apparently, a fun class made him forget he was studying.

Researchers believe that children learn best through play. And that also applies to teaching English to toddlers. Here are some tips you can take to make the class more exciting when teaching English to toddlers:

Teaching English to toddlers

Teaching English to toddlers

Creating interactive games

Games are a great way to keep your child focused on learning. The game encourages children to compete in a healthy way and also gives them a specific goal to accomplish. When they have completed or won the game, they will feel happy and satisfied with their achievements.

Here are a few games that parents can use when teaching English to toddlers. These games are very simple and do not even require any prior preparation.

  • Simon Says: Simon Says is a great game to practice listening skills. Parents can use this game to let babies remember body vocabulary. For example, “Simon says touch your head”. Or to review prepositions like” Simon says put your legs on the chair “.
  • Mother May I: This is an active game. Children can use adjectives to describe the area they want to reach in other areas of the room.
  • Memory quiz game: Learning new vocabulary requires a good memory. Using flashcards or pictures is a fun and fun way for your child to learn new words.
Children in Montessori classroom

Children feel more excited in an active environment

Creativity in teaching English to toddlers

If every day what you do is repetitive, it will be very boring. The same for toddlers, learning English – a new language is easy to be boring if it is repeated every day. So parents should be creative in every lesson with their baby.

Instead of just learning on a laptop every day, you can flexibly change between learning by book, learning through vocabulary cards, or learning via tablet (iPad). Alternating between textbook work and online work will help children have more experience. At the same time, thanks to that, the children’s lessons will not be repeated.

For each subject of each day, the games and activities for that skill should be varied. In the second example, you let your child learn Vocabulary, the game is Simon says. But on Tuesday, if you are still learning Vocabulary, the game or activity should be changed to vocabulary cards or sing and dance.

Bring art into your classroom

Children are always interested in colorful things. Pablo Picasso once said:

“Every child is an artist.”

Therefore, please use it to create excitement for your young “artist”, helping your child learn English better. Here are also tips for you to incorporate art into your preschool English class:

  • Learn about culture:

    Culture has always been a diverse and interesting subject to explore. Join your baby on a game or art-related task based on different cultures. Because kids love specific things. So a work of art in front of your baby will make connections easier.

  • Cooking:

    Cooking is also an art. When your baby tries to prepare any food. Babies have the opportunity to use all 5 usual senses or 8 senses. By exposing your child to cooking activities. You can review a variety of communication topics for your baby. Examples are commands, requests, or other sentence patterns.

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