The Toddler environment is a space where young children are encouraged to experience and explore their world in a safe, beautiful and ordered environment. The ‘work’ of the toddler is the constant exploration of their expanding environment and the formation and emergence of their independence.

The environment is designed to feel like a natural extension of the home, so that it is warm and welcoming, and at the same time provides a sense of safety and security. Here, young children can be as functionally independent as possible. This strengthens the child’s confidence when they realize that they can do things on their own and do not need to rely an adult’s assistance.

The teacher, or guide, is there to meet the child’s needs and make sure the transition from home to school takes place with unconditional love and acceptance. With the adult’s approach combined with the activities that the child finds developmentally satisfying, the child comes to trust the adult and transition into the school life with ease.

Toddlers have a variety of interesting activities to choose from to aid in the development of practical life, sensorial, language skills, math, art, and music.

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