The River House offers a three-year program for children aged 3 to 6 years. This program carries the child through their kindergarten year. By design, the Montessori classroom sparks curiosity, while promoting learning, self-discipline, independence and responsibility.

Children at this age are keen observers and enjoy taking part in activities that are meaningful and purposeful, and that fulfills an inner developmental desire.

The Children’s House is a mixed-age environment, and the children remain in the same environment for the duration of the program. This enables our children to build strong bonds with their peers and guides.

A trained guide and an assistant show the children ways to explore the curriculum areas (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science and Culture). With great flexibility, teachers are able to tailor their instruction to the individual learning styles and levels of each child.

Combining Montessori methodology with activities in art, music, movement, library, science, outdoor play, and dramatic, open-ended play, the curriculum promotes social and emotional growth, as well as cognitive and sensory development.

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