Grace and Courtesy

Simply put, grace and courtesy is all about helping children to understand polite social norms. As a Montessori school, we understand that even very young children are capable of much more than is traditionally expected of them. At The River House, children are introduced to social skills (as part of their practical life activities) they will use throughout their lives, for example, saying “please” and “thank you,” interrupting conversations politely, requesting rather than demanding assistance, and greeting guests warmly.


At The River House we understand that naptime is an important part of the day and an exercise in practical life experiences. It allows children a time to recharge and process the experiences of the day. This restful period also prevents the child from becoming overly worn-out.

Children are not forced to sleep during this time. They help set up their sleep area, and are encouraged to rest quietly here. They can fall asleep if they want to. If they are done resting, they are free to choose a quiet activity that will not disturb the other children who are still resting.

Toilet Learning

What makes Montessori toilet learning different is that it follows the development of the child and is respectful of each child. Montessori teachers are able to recognize signs of toilet readiness that most children exhibit. There are many steps we are trained to take before and after your child starts to show these signs. The children are gently encouraged and guided on this journey to independence. It is gradual and at the child’s pace.

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