Infant education and the role of parents

Parents are their child’s first teacher – Infant education

Infant education. – The parents’ attitude of life, worldview, and social life, like the rain gradually permeates, affecting their children. Parents should not set a strict schedule, nor should they compare their children with other children, just follow their children’s progress, so that children can grow up in an environment full of love and freedom.

MAHATMA GANDHI. – The peace leader and hero of the Indian people once said:

There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

Mahata Gandhi giáo dục trẻ sơ sinh

Mahata Gandhi giáo dục trẻ sơ sinh

Education of infants – The sensitive period of children begins from birth, so Dr. Montessori emphasized, education should start from birth and from the family.

Parents are their children’s first teachers. Because parents are not just people who are constantly close to the child. But also having a blood relationship. Parents are the ones who understand their children the most. They know the child’s emotional and emotional well-being, their strengths, shortcomings. Parents know their children’s passions, interests, minds and physical strength. While living with children, through daily activities, parents teach children basic knowledge and life skills.

montessori parents

Family – Infant education and the role of parents

1. To love your children is to respect them – Infant education.

  • When educating babies. – There are many arguments that if “respect for the child” will “spoil the child”. After debating, we found out that “respect” and “pamper” children are two different concepts. The mistakes that parents often make are both pampering and disrespecting their children. Especially in families with the only child, the child will be pampered even more by grandparents and parents.
  •  Not only taking care and replacing the child everything, from feeding, dressing to cleaning the room … Adults also think that doing so will save time and hassle by helping children. Then they can get dressed and bathed much easier than teaching them to do those things.

Not allowing children to do what they want

Affordable families even hire helpers to do things for the children. Every time children want to do something themselves, they are scolded by adults for not obeying. Parents think that it is loving, but they do not know that they are hindering their children’s development, or even spoiled them.

When parents try to accomplish a task for children, it is not helping them at all. It even deprives children of their basic rights. Adults need to remember that children do not just passively obey. Every child is a growing person, with a sense of independence. Children are born with two hands and the brain. The hand for work, the brain for thinking.

In addition, when the child helps their parents to arrange the dishes, cleaning the house … Children will feel like a member of the family. Children spend some time helping their parents. From there, feel the joy of helping others and learn to cooperate with others.

2. Parental supervision is the greatest gift for a child

In order for children to have a happy, comfortable childhood and a bright future, parents must take time to help their children and help them grow up.

parental supervision

Parental supervision is a huge gift for your children.

No matter how many good teachers that parents find for their children to help them succeed in some way, the children who lack the love and care of their parents are still unhappy. To modern humans, the most valuable thing is time. So cherish your time and spend it effectively is the most important.

3. Child education is the responsibility of any parents

When parents say they don’t have time with their kids because they are too busy. To be blunt, in their subconscious mind what they value most is themselves, their career, their reputation, their future. They, even some parents let their children learn to play the piano, learn to draw … just to beautify their face. Not all mothers can truly make time with their children.

Today, many families can afford to hire helpers or nannies. So parents rarely have to do housework themselves. If parents let the maid do all the child’s work. This will prevent your child from learning the skill to associate with a group, and at the same time, limit his or her development.

4. The role of parents in the child’s maturity

Loving someone is like being with that person.

We always see that people who are in love always want to be together. If someone shows you materially without spending time with you, they don’t really love you. All the words like “for the future” or “for us” are just bad excuses. For children is the same, if you only provide them the material needs. But you don’t have time to take care of or follow the development and maturity of your child. That means you have not fulfilled the responsibility of being a parent.

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