How a Montessori kindergarten teaches children the Alphabet

The Montessori method – a way to help children get familiar with the Alphabet.

Children learn to read and write unconsciously. By holding toys, children learn how to hold a pen. And children learn to write from a doodle on paper. Also, by listening to the first sounds of words, your child will learn how sounds combine to form a word. With the Montessori method, children learn to read and write in a very natural way. They can study on their own time budget, without any constraints.

Montessori alphabet

Movable Alphabet

As Dr. Maria Montessori once said:

“What the hand does, the mind remembers.”

Montessori method quotes

” What the hand does, the mind remembers.”

It is quite common in the Montessori teaching method when children begin to learn from the most concrete things and gradually move to more abstract concepts. The more children know how to perform actions, write and draw with their hands, the more concepts and letters are in their brain.

Montessori method

A Montessori classroom

Adults are the same as children. The more we feel/receive the information of everything with our senses (see, smell, hear, touch, ..). The brain then creates more neurological connections that will help us to understand something better. This is absolutely true of learning letters in children. For example, Montessori children learn the letter “M” by listening to how adults pronounce it. Seeing what the “M” shape looks like on paper, and touching the lines of the letters on the paper. . Learning letters like this not only helps children remember but also makes the learning process more enjoyable.

Here are some highlight elements of the Montessori method when teaching children the letters:


Instead of letting children learn by memorizing the letter P – Pie. Then we will teach them how to pronounce each letter first. For example, P is pronounced /p/. Children learn how to pronounce each letter like that will help them easily combine the phonetics of each letter to form a complete word. Instead of learning and remembering a whole word like “Cat” for example. Then they will learn the “/k/,/a/,/t/” pronunciations first and put the phonetics together to form the word “Cat.” Learning like this will practice the child’s hearing and intuition to develop better.

Learning how to write before learning how to read.

At a Montessori kindergarten, children learn how to write before learning how to read. Children can easily put letters together to make a word. With learning the pronunciation of each letter. They easily learn how to create a new word for themselves. This way of learning to create new words like this helps children understand the meaning and usage of each letter before writing them and before reading a word in books or newspapers.

Wrought text on paper.

Although this method is a traditional method that applies everywhere, it has advantages before you will know how to use typography. Practice writing letters on paper, also known as cursive, helps children see how the lines are connected on paper. What length of a sentence is formed on the face of the paper. This method of familiarizing children with letters is especially effective for babies who have a particularly great interest in drawing.

Method of teaching children to become familiar with letters – Put into practice with games

Writing before reading

Mystery Bags

First, as children get used to the alphabet. We will introduce and tell them how the letters are pronounced and not tell them what the face is written. We can perform mini-plays and point out some of the objects that contain the letters in question.

This repetition helps kids to recognize and feel familiar with the letter’s pronunciation. As the children became familiar with the pronunciation of letters. We will create games to help them remember the names of items.

Mystery Bag is one of the Montessori games mentioned above. We’ll hide the clothes in a bag and ask them. “Can I get something that starts with /p/ ?”. When your child looks for the right object (for example, a “pen”). It has proven that the young brain has captured images of the object and remembers the feeling when touching it.

It is extremely important not to intentionally correct the child while playing a game. But we have to note what the child can understand and remember. And try to better understand the meaning and reason the child gave you the item.

Corresponding sound.

As the child seems to have understood more letters, Montessori teachers will create a game consisting of two letters and a set of objects of all kinds. Children can choose any object and arrange them in 2 trays with 2 letters according to the first pronunciation of each item.

For example, we have 2 trays containing 1 tray containing the letter “a” and a tray containing the letter “s”. The child can distinguish which items begin with which letter and she will sort the items into two trays. With “a” they choose “apple”, “s” choose “spider” …

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